Recording artist and actor Patrick Stalinski was born in Detroit, Michigan in the 1950's to his loving parents Joseph & Lillian Stalinski -who took pride in raising Patrick in the catholic church and filled his life full of music from a very young age.

Stalinski got his start as a professional vocalist when he was discovered by Soco Brown who was very influential in the Michigan music scene during the 1970's and throughout the mid-to-late 20th century.

It was with Browns reccommendation that landed the break through role for Stalinski in the 1977 Michigan Opera Theatre production of Die Fledermaus. This debut role lead Stalinski to perform for four seasons with the Michigan Opera Theatre company; Marriage of Figaro, The Mikado & Madam Butterfly

By 1978 Stalinski had caught the attention of the great North American tenor, Edward Kingens who became a mentor to Stalinski - spanning nearly four decades. Kingens has never been shy about expressing his high regard for Stalinski, publicly stating that; Stalinski has great potential to be the next great American born tenor- I have no doubt in my mind he can be a world class tenor.

From the 1970's until 1994 Stalinski performed along side the 4th Street Presbyterian Choral, The Detroit Metropolitan/Fraser Choral, The Windsor University Choral & The Detroit Chamber Choral.

In 1994 Stalinksi relocated to Tucson, Az with his wife and four kids - and went on to record his debut album, To Sing A Prayer (produced by Yves Vincent) which was released in 1994 and recorded in San Diego, CA at Track Star Studios . The album was well received , selling approximatly 5,000 copies in the United States.

In 2000 Stalinski completed his sophmore album, Christmas Reborn which was a great success- nearly selling out the first pressing. (Produced by Yves Vincent / Track Star Studios).

In 2013 Stalinski began production of his 3rd studio album,What A Wonderful World - generating his first single release in 2014- titled, Dormi, Dormi, Dormi.

The album was produced by internationally known veteran music producer Del Casher (Inventor of the Wah Wah pedal, produced Bob Hope, Frank Zappa & Elvis Presley to name a few)

As the completion of What A Wonderful World neared, Stalinski began to envision his next studio album - but this time he was inspired to change things up - wanting to take a different approach by using new and original songs. Stalinski is Seeking songs of a inspirational and Spiritually  influenced.

Stalinskiis naming this new CD THE HEAVEN PROJECTStalinski has already recorded 5 tracks in Nashville, TN at the famous, Grammy award winning Ocean Way Studios on Music Row.  

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The making of  What A Wonderful World

In the studio with Del Casher, the inventor of the Wahwah pedal. Del is also most known for producing mega stars such as Elvis Presley.        


The Man behind the Voice

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 “A natural high tenor and someone with his talent and vocal range is one in ten million

-Edward Kingens

2012 Theatre production of Clueless

Starring opposite actress Karolyn Halpin.

The Friendly Theatre / Performances Alacart

Patrick Stalinski